Conditions Treated & Testimonials

PJR_4174Susan0006Conditions Treated

Acupuncture has hit the headlines in this country for being helpful for a number of conditions.
Perhaps the best known is

Pain relief and low back pain, for which there is a NICE and NHS recommendation and which I treat just about every day and other musculo-skeletal and osteo-arthiris problems such as, shoulders, necks, elbows, hands & wrists.

(see testimonial)

Hips, knees, ankles & feet.

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Tension Headache &Migraine which also has a NICE and NHS recommendation.
Also, cluster headache, & hormonal associated headaches.

(see testimonial)

Infertility and Pregnancy
Acupuncture treatment for conception and during pregnancy.
Infertility, morning sickness, treatment to turn the baby – all have NHS support. And of course, the associated issues of period pain or menopausal symptoms.

PJR_4235Susan0049Anxiety & Depression and Insomnia
Use of acupuncture in these areas is well-known and the most oft-repeated experience of treatment is the sense of well-being it gives.

Other conditions where it has been used within the NHS include treatment for asthma, post-chemotherapy nausea and vomiting.

I have used it successfully for a whole range of other issues ranging from Morton’s neuroma , digestive disorders, dizziness and alopecia.

Please call me if you wish to know if your condition can be treated with acupuncture.



I have not experienced a migraine for nearly a year, after having spent many years in periods of intense pain, lying on a sofa with a damp flannel over my forehead or a hot water bottle placed at the back of my neck. About 10 years ago I started the Blood Type diet, which I found very helpful, and I reduced the amount of alcohol that I enjoyed so much, but the migraines still kept on coming.

Last November I stopped drinking red wine and embarked on a course of acupuncture with Susan Meredith. I experienced no headaches at all for nearly eleven months – I couldn’t believe it and kept checking my head for the familiar left sided sense of a screwdriver forcing itself into my skull, but it didn’t happen. Recently I experienced one very mild migraine during a situation in which I felt very resentful and “under pressure.” To my amazement and delight the pain disappeared completely the next day. I felt clear minded and quite headache free. In the past it would have taken me at least three days to recover fully from one of these thoroughly distressing episodes.

I believe that the acupuncture treatments have not only released me from the tyranny of migraines but also improved my overall well being, enhancing the quality of my energy and enabling me to recover more quickly from minor ailments.

Susan uses a technique that is virtually pain free: it makes the treatments very pleasurable and relaxing. I am very grateful for her treatments – not only do I feel and I believe look better than I have for quite some time but there are no hurdles of pain to go over in the process of acquiring improved health and wellbeing!


After a series of 3 operations over 6 years in the same place, I was left with an uncomfortable lower abdominal scar. Regular acupuncture from Susan has helped remove the tightness associated with the scar and the tissues beneath it,
making the area much more comfortable in day to day life.  Acupuncture has also helped the scar to become less prominent to the extent that it is now not obvious.

I’ve also valued the work you’ve done on improving the circulation to my hands and feet; and in relation to the scar above, also addressing the connection between my upper body and legs after the disconnected feeling I had felt.


Susan has treated me and my arthritic knees over the past eight years. Despite having previously had one knee replaced and the expectation that the other would soon follow, I feel sure acupuncture treatment has helped keep me going. It is comforting and soothing in the more painful times and I feel that the treatment helps the whole body system stay in tune and function more efficiently.


I have been receiving treatments from Susan Meredith over the last twelve years since I had incapacitating joint inflammations in various areas in my body- knees, shoulders, hands and wrists, etc, that moved about. At the beginning, I was on constant pain killers and the treatment not only reduced the symptoms but also more or less eliminated them. Since then when I am not able to have regular treatments for a length of time, the inflammation tends to return. I find the treatment helpful not only to deal with joint pains but to aid general energy level and balance which gets affected by various physical and other stresses caused by the things we have to go through, which then may manifest as physical symptoms.